SLO Internation Film Fest

April 26 - May 1, 2022

Returning this spring to host a virtual experience as well as returning to our favorite venues around the Central Coast IN-PERSON! 

The 28th Annual San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (April 26-May 1) will screen 8 of this year’s top titles at Park Cinemas in Paso Robles (1100 Pine Street). Sponsored by Justin Winery & Vineyards, the lineup includes award winners like Max Walker-Silverman’s A Love Song, and Justin Monroe’s Holy Frit, and popular festival films like Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey’s Alien On Stage, and Seanne Winslow and Adam Sjoberg’s The Falconer, among them. San Luis Obispo Film Festival Director Skye McLennan said, “As the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival returns to theaters later this month, we have cast a wider net to bring our great films to more theaters than ever before for our audiences to enjoy. Park Cinemas is one of those locations which will provide a great place for Paso Robles film lovers to enjoy our movies right in their own backyard.”

Max Walker-Silverman’s A Love Song, which debuted at Sundance and Berlin, is a romantic drama starring Dale Dickey and Wes Studi as two childhood sweethearts, both widowed, who share a night by a lake reminiscing about their lives, losses, and loneliness. The film recently had its director honored with the Oxford Film Festival’s Rising Star Award, with lead actress Dale Dickey receiving the Breakthrough Award for her performance in the film, as well. Justin Monroe’s you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it documentary Holy Frit, about artist Tim Carey and the artistic predicament he creates for himself won Best Documentary Feature at last Fall’s Naples International Film Festival.

On the documentary front, additional highlights include Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey’s Alien On Stage, which documents the attempt by an amateur drama group to create a serious stage adaptation of the sci-fi horror film, Alien; Rob Coe and Warwick Davis’ Blind Ambition about a group of Zimbabwean sommeliers living in South Africa who form the first team from Zimbabwe to compete in The World Wine Blind Tasting Championships — the Olympics of the wine world; Drew Dickler and Jake Hochendoner’s Fireboys, which looks at inmates who fight fires to possibly get a second chance outside of prison; and Aaron Hosé’s One Pint at A Time, which focuses on black-owned breweries, brand owners and influencers across the country reshaping the craft beer industry. 

Representing the international offerings is Peter Luisi’s Switzerland/Ukraine co-production, Princess, about the unexpected friendship that develops between a broken-down alcoholic and the young niece of his sister. Several years later, the now grown woman is in trouble and the old man has an opportunity to repay for her kindness when he was in need, and Seanne Winslow and Adam Sjoberg’s The Falconer about two friends who come up with a plan to steal animals from the zoo and sell them on the black market to raise money for Tariq’s sister’s divorce because of an abusive marriage.


Located half-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Luis Obispo’s laid-back vibe and serene natural beauty is the perfect setting for this highly regarded annual film celebration. Filmmakers rave about the warmth and attentiveness that is so much a part of the SLO Film fest experience, as does the swelling tide of industry pros and film critics who are fast discovering the film festival’s thoughtful audiences and unique programming sensibility.

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