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8 Must-Drive Road Trips in Paso Robles

Hit the road and savor real California


Escape to the majestic vineyards, rolling hills and the hundreds of miles of secluded back roads of Paso Robles. Located midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Paso Robles is California wine country with beach access. It’s where world-class food and wine meet small-town charm. It’s a community of cowboys and surfers, where warm welcomes are a way of life. Bountiful, beautiful and endless room for roaming, Paso is your respite. It’s where the rest of the world melts away.


Take to the road and discover the wonders of Paso Robles.

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Westside Paso - Gateway to the Sea

Westside Routes

Paso’s gateway to the sea, 46 West snakes to historic Highway 1 from the 101, carving up and over the Santa Lucia Coastal Mountain Range, through hillside vineyards and ends with life-changing vistas overlooking the Pacific coastline. Cruise down Vineyard Drive and Adelaida Road for craft wines and spirits, and venture past the Paso city limits to Santa Rosa or Old Creek Roads, your scenic routes to the coast.

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Cruise Vineyard Drive

As the name implies, Vineyard Drive is a back road adventure among undulating vineyards and tucked-away wineries. As you make your way down the sleepy two-lane road shaded by towering oak trees city life and stress fade away – and your palate awakens.

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Adelaida Road

Adelaida Road is known for its sheer beauty, its elevation, and for being home to California’s elite Rhone and Cabernet Sauvignon wineries and vineyards. To experience wine beyond the tasting room, meander down Adelaida.

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Lake Nacimiento

Just a few minutes from downtown is Lake Nacimiento, known as “The Dragon” for its unique shape of waterways, coves, and winding tributaries. The lake and surrounding hills and woods are a water and nature enthusiast’s dream. Whether you want to boat, kayak, paddleboard, or hike its endless pristine trails, “Lake Naci” has you covered. Stocked with largemouth and smallmouth bass, white bass, bluegill, crappie, carp, and catfish. You can find the perfect inlet to cast your line along the lake’s 165-miles of shoreline.

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Mountains Touch the Sea

In the last few miles of 46 West, you can view the Santa Lucia Coastal Mountain Range cascading down to the sea. Soak in this majestic descent at several designated overlooks along the route (you can’t miss them). Prepared to be awestruck as you look out on the massive hills slinking into the curved coastlines of Morro Bay and Cayucos and the big blue slate of the Pacific. The vantage point is so high the roaming cattle below on the grassy hillsides appear as black specks.

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Eastside Paso - Ranches, Farms and Wine

Eastside Routes

Featuring a world-famous art installation, amazing wine, a luxury resort that provides a Zen-influenced respite, there’s beauty, inspiration and fun at every turn in Paso’s near-Eastside.

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Cowboy Loop

Rolling grassland fields, moss-covered oaks, miles of winding country roads and small burgs – welcome to the gorgeous wilds of Paso. It’s where the wine is elegant, the cowboy culture thrives, and where the rolling landscape will leave you blissful.

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Linne/Union Roads

Locals love this loop, because in minutes you’re in a land of parks, artworks, amazing food and, of course, rolling vineyards – it’s like a 10-mile cheat sheet to the amazing quality of life enjoyed by Paso Roblans.

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Featuring a world-famous art installation, amazing wine, a luxury resort that provides a Zen-influenced respite, there’s beauty, inspiration and fun on Route 46 east.

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Heading north on Airport Road you’ll find a bevy of activities on these wide open two lane roads. From military history to wine tasting and more. Take the road less traveled on Estrella Road.

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Explore Downtown

Downtown Paso

Paso Robles is rooted in small town charm and hospitality. Paso’s downtown is a must stop for an unforgettable visit. Boutique shops, fine dining, vibrant nightlife, top notch accommodations are all within walking distance of the Downtown Park. Visit craft breweries and taste spirits all within a few blocks and, of course, there’s world-class wine.


Tin City

Day Trip to Tin City

Discover the next big thing in wine, beer, cider, food and spirits at Tin City. The walk-able enclave of modern tin industrial-style buildings is known the world over for housing the game-changing next generation of California’s beverage scene. Home to innovators in the beer, wine, cider, spirits and more. Tin City is a one stop destination for a full day experience of Paso Robles. 


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About the Cars

Our Road Trip campaign features two classic characters who help tell the story of Real California.

The Truck

The Truck “aka Dave” is a 1962 Ford F100. In its former life, Dave was a National Forest Service (NFS) vehicle assigned to recreation maintenance in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest near Redding, California. Retired in 1969, it spent the next 40 years as a personal daily driver for a Forester with the NFS in the Inyo and Sierra National Forests. Lovingly restored and still in the process, Dave now resides in Paso Robles as a near-original example of this truck model. The truck serves to represent the importance of the pickup-truck and its place in American, Californian and Paso Robles history. A hard-working companion to the ranchers, farmers of the area who shaped Paso Robles agriculture.

The Mustang

The Mustang is a 1965 convertible in Wimbledon White equipped with a 225 horsepower 289. It has been with the same owner since he was able to save up enough money to buy it as his first car. Since then it has repainted and had the engine rebuilt, but appears almost as it was brand new. The Mustang is an American icon, representing a sleek and cost affordable vehicle that captivated a young generation and still maintains its relevance today.

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