California wildflower blooms are just as spectacular as they’re rumored to be, and the Central Coast has loads of gorgeous floral expanses to explore! Winter rains lead to magnificent fields of purple lupines, golden and pink evening primrose, fiery Indian paintbrush, and of course, bright orange California poppies. Here are some of our favorite ways to soak in the colors of wildflower season around Paso Robles.


Avenales Ranch

Located about thirty minutes from downtown Paso Robles, Avenales Ranch is a wonderful spot to explore gorgeous fields of wildflowers while sipping fantastic wine. A working family ranch since the 1870s, Avenales Ranch now cultivates cattle and grapes vines on the expansive property. Sustainability is key here, and producing beautiful animals and wines while maintaing the health of the land as a top priority. The flowers seem to agree and carpet the ranch with color throughout the spring superbloom period. 


Highway 1 Road Trip

Sometimes, ordinary places are where we find the extraordinary. Highway 1 proves to be more than just a transportation thoroughfare throughout the spring when roadside hills and fields explode with color! Head south from Cambria along Highway 1 and watch as the hills burst with orange, yellow, purple, and pink through Cayucos and Morro Bay. Or head west along Route 46 from Cambria into Paso Robles to view some of the most stunning views in the world of Morro Bay, Morro Rock, and hillsides blanketed with wildflowers. Spring superblooms transform daily commutes around San Luis Obispo County into little adventures! 


Third Wheel Sidecar Tours

For a truly unique way to view the area, check out Third Wheel Sidecar Tours. Let a professional take the wheel so you’re free to relish the open road – or open field! With a range of experiences at wineries throughout Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo County, Third Wheel Sidecar Tours can help craft the perfect way for you to view wildflower blooms. One of our favorites is the Paso Wine Country After Hours tour, which brings guests through Cass winery vineyards in the golden evening light to a private picnic among the flowers. It’s truly an unforgettable way to experience Paso wildflowers. 


Central Coast Trailrides

When in Paso, do as the Pasoans and hop on a horse! Horse life is a thing around Paso and there’s no better way to experience authentic Central Coast living than on horseback. Central Coast Trailrides offers a range of horseback experiences in the area but perhaps the best are the Wildflower Rides at Camatta Ranch. Located about a half hour southeast of Paso Robles, Camatta Ranch welcomes riders to view the gorgeous yellows and purples that cover their fields. The Wildflower Rides take place throughout March and April and are about two and a half hours long, so they’re the perfect way to start the day or to plan around for an exhilarating day trip among the blooms.