PASO ROBLES, California – In May 2024, Sensorio will mark its fifth anniversary with the opening of a new immersive art exhibition and a series of celebration events at the multi-acre walkthrough art destination stretched over the hillsides of Paso Robles. The new exhibit, DIMENSIONS by HYBYCOZO, will feature large-scale geometric metal sculptures that guests can walk through as immersive lights and music shift around them in a 33-minute continuous show. It is set to open Fri., May 24.

Sensorio first opened in 2019 with its Field of Light exhibit featuring tens of thousands of solar-powered fiber optic stems spread over hillsides lined by wandering pathways. Initially intended as a temporary attraction, Sensorio saw steady demand. Owners decided to maintain and expand with new exhibits merging light technology with wine bottles, fishing poles and other creative materials, all by pioneering artist Bruce Munro.

Since then, Sensorio has welcomed more than half a million visitors and has been described by Travel + Leisure as a “pilgrimage-worthy art escape,” bolstering tourism even further to the popular wine country destination. 

Now on May 24, Sensorio will open another new exhibit at its 5-Year Celebration Event. The exhibit, called DIMENSIONS, has been in the works for three years by Los Angeles-based artists HYBYCOZO, a collaborative partnership between Serge Beaulieu and Yelena Filipchuk. They have created larger-than-life geometric metal sculptures around the world, and DIMENSIONS will be their largest to date.

“DIMENSIONS at Sensorio represents our exploration of the relationship between light and music, shadow and pattern, environment and form,” the artists say. “This installation orchestrates an interplay of geometry and space, designed to engage observers in a totally immersive experience.”

Some of the geometric sculptures in the exhibit are large enough to walk through, while some feature elements that spin as visitors interact with them. The artists also encourage guests to notice how their movements alter the light and shadows around them. The duo also worked with globally renowned musician Alen Hulsey to create a 33-minute musical soundtrack. 

“It’s more than a static art piece; it's an environment that adapts to your presence,” they said. “As you navigate through DIMENSIONS, you are not just a spectator but an integral part of the artistic experience.”

Sensorio’s 5-Year Celebration Event will take place on Fri., May 24, when guests can view DIMENSIONS for the first time. The evening will also include live music, food and drink, and the rollout of a new performance stage area and other renovations. 

“It’s going to be a memorable night,” says General Manager Ryan Hopple. “We almost can’t believe it’s been five years in Paso Robles, but when we look around at how much has changed, it feels so exciting. DIMENSIONS really pushes us in new directions with geometric shapes and new materials. We cannot wait for visitors old and new to see everything.”

Leading up to the anniversary event, Hopple says, guests can expect some other fun and family-friendly events on the calendar, including social media giveaways and a special Sunrise Yoga session on Sun., May 5. A SLO CAL Crafted makers market in collaboration with Visit SLO CAL, the official tourism organization for San Luis Obispo County, will take place over Memorial Day weekend – Sat., May 25 – with more celebratory events planned throughout the remainder of the year.

Hopple says it’s a perfect time for locals who haven’t been to Sensorio in a while to come and see what’s new.

“Paso Robles has been amazing to us in the past five years, and it’s time to celebrate,” Hopple said. “New exhibits, nightly local musicians, new food and beverage options all the time – it’s a great time to plan a visit.”

The new exhibit is the latest in a series of expansions planned for Sensorio over the next few years. Another new exhibit by artist Bruce Munro is planned for later in 2024, as well as an expansion of the Terrace area that will be available for private parties. In the long run, plans are also underway for the development of an on-site hotel and conference center at Sensorio. 

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About Sensorio

Sensorio was created by locals Ken and Bobbi Hunter as a destination for entertainment, exploration, meditation, adventure, and delight, honoring the natural topography of the landscape and intended to offer a wide range of amusing, mystical and kinetic experiences. Sensorio encompasses four stunning light-based art installations by acclaimed artist Bruce Munro. The centerpiece Field of Light features 100,000 solar-powered stemmed spheres lit by fiber-optics that gently illuminate the landscape in subtle blooms of morphing color. Munro’s other works include Light Towers, Gone Fishing and Fireflies. A new exhibit of lighted geometric metal sculptures, called DIMENSIONS by HYBYCOZO, will open in May 2024. Since Sensorio first opened in 2019, it has hosted hundreds of thousands of visitors, and also become the backdrop for dozens of marriage proposals. Plans for future developments at Sensorio include a permanent dining area and an eventual hotel and conference center.