Fine Food & Wine

Brian Terrizzi has spent his life perfecting food and wine, so he expects only the best when he leaves the house. With his Italian heritage and family dining traditions, it's no surprise that Brian has great taste in food. From your afternoon pasta fix, to your Michelin Star dinner out, you'll love this local foodie's guide. 

New Favorite Hot Spot: 

"I hate to say it, but Etto Pasta Bar since it's so new and seems hot I guess and I'm there all the time. My go to lunch spot is Paso Robles Wine Merchant. It's fresh and local and a relaxed spot to grab a bite. Niner Winery also has a great chef and a very nice setting. Dinner we like places like The Hatch, Buona Tavola, BL Brasserie and Alchemists' Garden. The trust us menu at Les Petites Canailles is really something special or Six Test Kitchen, if you can snag a reservation."

Favorite Wine/Beer/Distillery Experience: 

"I love Tablas Creek Vineyard and their commitment to responsible farming practices, they just do everything the right way. My favorite wines are from Thacher Winery, they have a diverse lineup that always inspires me. I've watched Firestone Walker Brewery grow right down the street from us over the years and the quality only seems to get better. They remind me that you can actually build a very successful, nationally recognized business in a small town."

When and Where to Visit: 

"I love Paso in the spring when the hills are green and filled with wildflowers and our local farms start bringing us spring peas and asparagus. When I have friends and family visit they normally book a vacation rental house so they can shop at Etto Marketplace and make a big feast. Then, I'll bring the wine."

"If you're here for the holidays, the Tin City Forklift Parade is the most offbeat, funny and funky barely sanctioned event in the county. I have no idea how so many people found out about it the first year and it just continues to grow."

Hidden Gems in Paso: 

"I love the Paso Robles General Store as a place to find unique gifts for friends and family.  Libretto is actually hidden underground and amazing with the quality of acts they book here. Brown Butter Cookies are loved by all members of our family. Spice of Life in Paso is another cool place to check out if you like to cook. Studios on the Park is a cool place to check out some local art."

How to Spend a Weekend on the Central Coast:

"Most weekends are spent around Tin City making sure all the guests are happy, but if I can get away I love going to the coast with my kids, Cambria for cycling, Morro Bay for walking around and grabbing ice cream and checking out the funky stores, Avila to chill on the beach or Pismo. I like taking the kids surfing. There is so much to see and do around here, I always feel lucky to be here, but wish I had more time to enjoy it."