Favorite Wine Experience: 

"I think that a seated tasting & fantastic lunch in the library wine cellar at Le Cuvier Winery is just an unmatched view into the history of Paso Robles winemaking. Letting winemaker Clay Selkirk open up an old bottle of wine from their cellar that goes back into the 1970s is just something you can’t do anywhere else in Paso. And if you’re lucky to run into founder John Munch and hear his stories…well you better clear your afternoon."

Good Eats

With good wine, comes good food. Their job requires elevated taste and awareness of flavor... making every wine enthusiast a secret foodie behind the scenes. For Aaron this means keeping up with Paso's ever-evolving food and beverage scene, including new local hot spots and underrated, backroad finds. 

Favorite New Hot Spot:

"I love the fact that Paso Robles has been changing and evolving so much in its food scene, and we are getting more great options all the time thanks to the efforts of creative local business owners! I’m a sucker for a great pizza and a gin & tonic, so I love cruising into Della’s pizza downtown."

Best Breakfast: 

"Kitchenette in Templeton is our go-to spot for a late morning breakfast meeting. Downtown Templeton is such charming and small town in its feel, it truly still feels like old Paso Robles. I’ll grab my team and head there for coffee and a creative breakfast while we brainstorm business ideas or hash out winemaking projects for the month."


Where to Spend a Lunch Break:

"In the summertime when it’s warm, I’m all about going al fresco for lunch, so I love the outdoor patio at BL Brasserie for a classic French-style bistro lunch, of course with a good glass of champagne which they are always pouring. When things at the winery are hectic and I need a break from the chaos, I’ll always take a long lunch at Goshi - sushi (and a glass of sake) helps me destress."


Favorite Local Event: 

"Concerts at Vina Robles are the best, they have brought some amazing artists over the past few years (Steel Pulse, Willie Nelson, Allison Kraus, Primus) that I’ve truly enjoyed. And it’s also such a great community spot, you end up running into ever winemaker you know from the area who are out to have a night of great music."


Where To Stay: 

"Finding a great vacation rental out in wine country with a deck and a bbq, you can truly enjoy the gorgeous summer evenings in Paso Robles. Open a few bottles of the local wines, and cook up a great meal overlooking the hills and vineyards!"

Best Time of Year to Visit: 

"Fall is the best - in places like Tin City where my winery is, you get to see all the action of harvest time. Trucks arriving with grapes, forklifts everywhere, grape processing on every corner, and the smells of fermentation fill the air, and you get to see it all up close and personal. On top of that the beauty of the changing colors in the vineyards is simply stunning."

How to Spend a Weekend on the Central Coast:

When Aaron isn't busy making wine, he lives on the coast in his hometown of Cayucos where he spends his weekends in the ocean surfing, fishing, or backpacking in Big Sur. Just a 35 minute drive from Paso, Cayucos is the perfect day trip when you're craving the coast but still want to end your evening in wine country. 

Aaron Jackson surfing on the coast

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