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You will rarely see Corey and Kate not at work, but if they have the time, they love to grab brunch together with their dog, Clair. Beyond brunch, it's important for them to support their neighborhood of restaurants. They try to visit places downtown for lunch or dinner a couple times a week in between their work at AMSTRDM and Libretto. The rising tides raise all boats for this community, and you'll see their neighbors stopping in to grab coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening.  

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Favorite Local Event: 

Celebrated annually for over 90 years, Paso Robles' Pioneer Day celebrates the community's rich agricultural heritage. Complete with a parade through downtown of running antique tractors, horse-drawn wagons, marching bands, mounted equestrian groups, dancers, floats, fire engines, vintage cars and more. This one-of-a-kind event keeps the pioneering spirit of Paso Robles alive and well.

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Best Memories Made in Paso: 

One of their favorite memories is going to the California Mid-State Fair every year growing up. The fair is considered among the top fairs in the state featuring A-list musicians, exhibits and livestock shows each year in July. Another highlight, for Corey, was being the opening pianist for the Paderewski Festival in 2018. The Paderewski Festival is a four-day music festival held annually in November celebrating Paso Robles' rich heritage and its most famous resident Ignacy Jan Paderewski - virtuoso pianist, composer, international politician, local landowner, grower and winemaker. Paderewski is one of Corey's favorite composers and inspirations.


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