Our Team

Solterra Strategies

Solterra Strategies' expertise in strategic brand positioning, brand development, public relations, trade relations, strategic partnerships and association management are key practice areas to manage the Paso Robles Destination’s DBA Travel Paso core business. Reporting to and working with its Board of Directors, the Solterra team manages the Travel Paso day-to-day operations, its marketing programs, stakeholder outreach and all priority functions of the destination management organization. 

The Solterra team, Stacie Jacob, Lacie Johns, and Julia Meyers bring more than 60 years of wine and tourism marketing expertise with an emphasis on developing genuine brand messaging, running trade organizations and creating memorable stories and event experiences. Chief Strategist, Stacie Jacob, brings a great deal of institutional knowledge and established relationships in San Luis Obispo County and Paso Robles community to the outlined scope of services.We bring a team approach with a diverse skillset to your organization. 

Solterra Strategies works closely with the Travel Paso contractor team, Vingage Consulting and Forward Brand Marketing, to prioritize marketing initiatives and align tools.

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