At Her Table | March 6 - 13, 2022

At Her Table

What is At Her Table?

At Her Table brings together the largest collective of central coast women-owned businesses in the food and beverage industry. We have over 100 members throughout SLO County. 

In celebration of Women’s History Month, At Her Table hosts, an annual 7-day county-wide event that features inspired menu items, virtual classes, discussions amongst female industry leaders and more. 

The idea was born during a conversation owner Michelle Barrera had with Dina Samson of Rossoblu in Los Angeles (One of the founding members of Regarding Her aka RE:Her). 

“When I talked to Dina she really inspired me. I knew a similar movement should be created here. The impact that Re:Her had on the Los Angeles community was astounding. The women felt so proud to participate and it gave them another outlet for their voices to be heard.”

The following week Michelle began reaching out to local women-owned eateries to invite them to inspire and empower the community with their passion for food and their voices — the response was extremely positive and the idea took off. “There was an overwhelming sense of ‘Yes!’ amongst the women. You could feel it,” says Kristin Casillas, Co-Owner of Orale Taqueria.



In honor of Women's History Month come and celebrate 160+ women-owned/co-owned restaurants in San Luis Obispo County! A full week of events including special menu items, mixers, and dinners designed to show off local female talent.


Get Inspired

Come participate in one of our in person or virtual events as we gather women in passionate discussions about food, family, and business. We'll address some hard to talk about things in a safe and inviting environment. Get support from other amazing women throughout the county.



Support our local food and beverage industry by downloading the At Her Table: Food Guide 2022. You'll find incredible dishes being created by wonderful chefs, tasting menus, collaborative events, art shows and more. This full schedule will help you schedule your week.

Food Guide



At Her Table’s mission is to bring awareness and support to women-owned and co-owned businesses in the food and beverage industry on the central coast. We are committed to creating spaces of celebration through impactful events, education on women’s health initiatives, fostering of diversity and equality in the workforce, and promoting inclusivity within our community.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, At Her Table will bring together over 160 San Luis Obispo women-owned businesses within the service industry. This 7-day county-wide event features inspired menu items, classes, and deep discussions amongst female industry leaders and more.

At Her Table is completely funded by sponsorships and donations from the community.



Did you know? Paso Robles is home to over 50 women-owned food and beverage businesses. For a full list, click here.