Imagine rolling hills, gorgeous vineyards, dazzling local wineries, incredible arts, invigorating outdoor activities, culinary coolness and you've just envisioned Paso Robles! This unique California getaway and premiere destination is all wrapped up in a maverick's personality. Welcome to Paso! We do hope you'll stay awhile.  

Getting out and about in Paso is a breeze, especially with so many events scheduled year-round. Check out all kinds of events ranging from food and wine celebrations to art festivals to concerts and even pet-friendly affairs. There’s something for everyone to experience Paso!

Regarded as California's hot “new” destination, Paso remains true to its maverick nature. With its colorful past and present, Paso welcomes travelers as locals. Get ready to experience everything uniquely Paso, from its beautiful climate to its endless activities and places of interest.

With so much to see, do, and experience in Paso Robles, you just might find yourself staying a little while longer. You can't swing a wineglass without hitting lodging and accommodations suited for every taste, style and budget. 


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