Guests Pose for Fantastical Green Screen Photos, Take Home Digital Photobook

Santa Margarita, CA: Margarita Adventures zipline tours, in partnership with Eaves Entertainment, today announced the launch of the Photo Story Experience—an interactive adventure that uses green screens and high technology to create fantastical photos for participants to take home.

It all takes place in a newly built studio at the Margarita Adventures headquarters at 22720 El Camino in Santa Margarita.

Here, guests enter into a virtual world—starting with a mysterious library—where they are instructed on their coming adventure. From there, they travel through six different scenes, where they can pose and act out to create a memorable photo story. During the experience, guests are provided with a corresponding storyline that guides their poses while keeping them guessing all the way to the end.

Current props include the fuselage of an old Cessna airplane; a full-size bear; wine barrels; a replica train caboose and more. Guests can pose to make it look as though they are being chased by the bear, jumping out of the plane, riding barrels across a lake and any other poses they can dream up. 

At the conclusion of the experience, guests are provided with a digital photo album to share and remember. 

The Photo Story Experience is the brainchild of Patrick Eaves—creator of the Locked Inn escape room in Grover Beach—and Margarita Adventures proprietor Karl Wittstrom. “It’s all part of our mission to provide unique experiences that bring people together to have fun and create special memories,” Wittstrom said.

The cost is $20 per person ages 13 and up ($15 ages 6-12), with up to five people per group. More information at:

Now Playing – Chasing Santa: A High-Flying Holiday Adventure

The Photo Story experience is now open with a holiday-themed adventure, billed as follows:

You took a trip to Margarita Adventures for the holiday season, you heard Santa might be there, and for you that was enough of a reason. You started at the ziplines, and to your surprise, you found Santa’s reindeer and went for a ride…

From wild bears to airplanes, vintage trains to snow globes, Chasing Santa is a holiday adventure story starring you and the elusive man in the bright red suit. Where will he lead you, and will you find him? Come find out as we launch the Photo Story Experience with this rollicking tale of high pursuit and good cheer.

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