Your Guide to the Warbirds, Wings & Wheels Extravaganza!

This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Warbirds Wings & Wheels at Estrella Warbirds Museum and Woodland Auto Display on Saturday 10th May with a host of special events and remarkable people!  It's one of the best car shows and family fun times on the Central Coast and is strongly supported by Travel Paso and Firestone Walker Brewery

Special Guest Host Dennis Gage!


You may recognize the twirled handle bar from that host of the long running TV show, "My Classic Car."  Yes, that's him and he's come back to Paso Robles!  You can meet Dennis at one of several autographing sessions, or when he's wondering around the tarmac checking out all the neat vehicles.  Or, you can meet him at the Barn Dance and dinner on May 11th. It's not too late to start growing your mustache out, or at least find a good fake one.  Makes a great picture!

It's time to put on your dancing shoes, get your vehicles all spritzed up or get your DUKS in order, reservations in place and plan on having a most wonderful time. Now that we've acquired a few extra acres of land, this year's event will be bigger and better than ever!

Larry Eastwood and Vic's Cafe is firing up the grills for a fabulous dinner for Friday evening, prior to the car show. An icon of the Central Cost, Monte Mills and the Lucky Horseshoe Band, will be performing and you will have a chance to meet and chat with our special host, Dennis Gage.  Tickets must be purchased prior to May 9th.

Vehicle Registration

What a great photo op! There will be plenty of fast cars and fast planes.  Satisfy your need for speed!  If you haven't registered your vehicle yet, there is still time.  Do it now. Go to and click on Dennis Gage's picture.

Mega Swap Meet
Running concurrently on May 12th, will be a terrific automotive related Mega Swap Meet.  Need car parts? Bring your wallet.  Have plenty of old useable parts that need to be sold?  Sign up today! 

Crank Up The Cackle Fest!
Historic NASCAR and vintage front-end Dragsters will be just some of the unique vehicles on display.  You will want to get up close and personal for the Cackle Fest.  Never been to a Cackle Fest? I'd recommend you bring earplugs.

Food, Music, Vendors & More!

Warbirds Wings & Wheels and the Mega Swap Meet is not just about fast cars, fast planes, great deals on car parts, raffles, and unique vehicles, but you will also find plenty of great food, music, vendors and even an 805 Beer Garden!  Sounds like the makings of a fun time at the museum!