Weddings in Paso Robles- Tented Events

by Guest Blogger and Wedding Planner, Sarah Angelique

Hello Wed Heads!

You would think I would have run out of things to say about weddings, well you would be wrong.  I never tire of wedding talk and have lots of tips, thoughts and advice on planning your perfect day. 

Recently, this year, I have planned and coordinated quite a few weddings and events with tents as the main venue location.  Some planned with purpose and some were forced under cover due to rain.  No matter the reason, tents are an awesome option for your wedding day if done properly.


Paso Robles has beautiful rolling hills, 100 year oak trees and golden fields.  Any wide, open space lends itself perfectly for a tent wedding.  Many properties in Paso Robles are large lots with acreage.  If you don’t personally have a large property then I’m sure you know someone who does.  If you don’t- I have plenty of suggestions for you!  

This amazing tent ( John Patrick Images  ) was set up for a wedding at ‘Under the Creston Stars’ for a wedding of 300 guests.  Unlimited Events in Paso Robles spent two days creating this incredible tent. Tents have many options and sizes.  You start with the canopy to create a room like effect.  You can then build your tent to suit your needs.  Walls, windows, lighting, heating, draping and even actual doors can be added. 

Tents can also provide much needed shelter.  This June was a great example- it randomly rained in Paso Robles.  On this particular rainy day, I had two events planned and was desperately seeking tents at the last minute to shield almost 300 guests.  This is when having a wedding planner really pays off.  I called my contacts and literally rented the last three tents they had.  One was a simple canopy for a private event.  The other was for a wedding.  After calming down the understandably upset bride - I sprung into action mode.  Up went a gorgeous tent complete with walls and full draping inside.  It was stunning and the bride was thrilled!
There is a lot to know when renting and putting up a tent.  There are laws that need to be followed and permits that need to be secured.  Knowing what size tent you need for your event is key—you wouldn’t want to turn guests away due to improper planning!  Always make sure you are working with qualified wedding professionals in any situation. 

Call me and let’s start planning your stunning tent reception!