Tin City: Paso Robles’ Newest Industrial Tasting Hub

Located on Marquita Avenue and the surrounding blocks, a group of industrial warehouses has opened its doors for an unexpected experience. Known as Tin City, this rapidly growing community of small-production wineries, breweries, distilleries and cider houses will give visitors that ‘secret clubhouse’ feeling while offering up a unique tasting experience, all within a 2-block radius.  

This up-and-coming craft beverage area is full of wineries that serve small-batch wines and personal stories. It is not uncommon to walk into a tasting room in Tin City and end up in a conversation with the winemaker while sipping on a glass of Cab.


Looking to keep overhead down, these small-production winemakers came to Tin City to pursue their passions and bring their talents to life. As a result, they ended up adding an entirely new tasting experience to Paso Robles’ offerings. Today, visitors seek out this warehouse community for the opportunity to get up close and personal with boutique wines and learn about the stories and passions behind the bottle.  Visitors will sample wines produced with traditional methods as well as through more modern techniques, like Field Recordings’ canned wines.

In addition to wineries, Tin City has also blossomed with breweries, distilleries, cider houses and even ice cream! A staple of Tin City, BarrelHouse Brewing Company invites all to relax in their outdoor beer garden and take in the sounds of local bands while enjoying a crisp pint of one of their craft brews. Tin City Cider Company welcomes guests to crack open a can of dry-hopped cider produced with California apples from the nearby Sierra Foothills. Finally, visitors can make a stop along the Paso Robles Distillery Trail with a visit to Wine Shine Distillery, one of 8 (and growing) craft spirits producers in Paso Robles.

This exclusive area continues to grow each year, and soon restaurants will be joining the list of businesses. Negranti Dairy & Creamery has already announced its move to Tin City to add a cool and refreshing snack for the next time you visit. Sheep milk ice cream anyone?

Immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind tasting environment the next time you visit Paso Robles! Here are just some of the craft producers that can be found in the burgeoning Tin City tasting area:


·       The Fableist

·       Tin City Cider Company

·       Barrelhouse Brewing Company

·       Field Recordings

·       Desparada Wines

·       Aaron Wines

·       Wine Shine Distillery

·       Clos Solene Wines

·       Powell Mountain Cellars

·       Lefondusac

·       ONX Wines

·       Brian Benson Cellars

·       Levo Wines

·       Nicora Wines

·       Jacob Toft Wines

·       Torrin Wine

·       Giornata

·       Broadside Wines

·       Cordant/Nelle Winery

·       Sans Liege