Planning a Wedding in Paso Robles Wine Country?

Frame 37 2By Tina Swithin

The Paso Robles Wedding and Event Expo is just around the corner!  March 3rd, to be exact!  The Paso Robles Inn Ballroom will open its doors to welcome wedding professionals from around the county.  If you are a bride, grab your soon-to-be groom and head to Paso Robles.  In the meantime, I want to share some advice so grab a pen and paper!

As someone who is about to be married
in just seven short weeks, I can personally attest to the
Frame 37 1fact that
wedding planning entails a lot of work.  There are countless decisions to be made not to mention the minor details which add up quickly.  My advice as I enter the last leg of planning is to hire a wedding coordinator!  This may be one of the most important decisions that a couple will make- after the proposal, of course!

planners have become indispensable regardless of whether you are
working with a large budget or a small budget.  The overall consensus is
that hiring a wedding coordinator is
Frame 37 3well worth the expense
for a wide variety of reasons and in contrast to popular belief, it can
actually save you money.  Wedding planners will assist you in various
capacities depending on your needs.  They are equipped to guide you
through the entire process from start to finish or can simply assist
with whatever capacity that you require.  In addition to planning for
your wedding day, your coordinator will help you refine your ideas, plan
your budget and keep your schedule on track. With the assistance of Lavender Blue Events and CJN Event Planning (both members of Central Coast Wedding Professionals), we have compiled a list of the top ten reasons to hire a wedding coordinator for your Paso Robles wedding.

  • Point Person

one person to serve as a point of contact ensures that your day runs
smoothly and limits mishaps.  This also takes the burden off the bride
and the bridal party which allows them to enjoy the special day.

  • Vendors

coordinators have a network of professionals to choose from and they
know which vendors will mesh well with your wedding style and budget. 
You can rely on their referrals being tried and true professionals.

  • Save Money

experienced wedding coordinator will know which vendors provide the
best quality and value for their services.  They have regular updates on
discounts, price changes and sales.  Many coordinators have multiple
weddings in progress so they are able to negotiate additional price
breaks for the bride and groom.

  • Insider Tips

all wedding businesses make a point to network with wedding
coordinators, they often have the inside scoop on what makes the
industry tick.  We also know the industry standards and what to expect
from your vendors; we review contracts and make sure that you are
getting what you pay for.

  • Priority Treatment

wedding vendors want to stay in good standing with wedding
coordinators, they tend to follow up more quickly and work harder when
they know that they will not only be answering to a bride, but to a
professional coordinator.  Most vendors breathe a sigh of relief when
they know a professional coordinator is on the job because it means they
get to focus on their job alone, and not worry about filling in the
blanks of a missing coordinator.

  • An Unbiased Mediator

is often inevitable that a family or vendor conflict will arise at your
weddings.  A coordinator can act as a calm and unbiased mediator to
point out the logical points (and legal points, if necessary) to quickly
settle a dispute.

  • Time Saver

There never
seems to be enough time in the day.  Hiring a wedding planner saves you
from hours of research because they have the answers at their

  • Enjoy efficient event design

coordinators have a deep understanding of how your entire wedding will
come together.  They will ensure that all aspects of the event flow
together such as the floor plan, traffic flow, florals, linens, décor,
lighting and more.

  • Your Advocate

coordinator will work to ensure that your opinions and priorities are
accurately represented to your vendors and your guests (if necessary). 
They will keep you from getting lost in the shuffle of your own wedding,
and allow you breathing room to enjoy the party.  While all other
vendors have a product they’re representing, a coordinator only
represents you.

  • Emotional Support

When you
hire a professional coordinator, more than anything you are hiring
peace of mind.  If all other vendors fail, this is the one person that
you can trust to “make it work”.

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