Picture Perfect Weddings in Paso Robles

by Patrice, Arranged by Patrice

1st photoPaso Robles Wine Country!  Who wouldn’t want to get married here?  The scenery and the incredible venues draw you in immediately.  Picture perfect weddings every time.   The wine is just as varied as the venues themselves, first class all the way. 

As beautiful as Paso Robles Wine Country is, there is plenty of space to create a wedding that says YOU!  Your wedding is about claiming the day for yourself and making it your own with your own unique touches. 

One recent bride's personal twist included fountain art, different colored bouquets for the bridesmaids (and shoes too!), all helping to make her weddings "one of a kind".  This particular bride chose a neutral palette for the reception but chose to express herself during the ceremony with colors that popped against the girls black dresses (they each picked out their own dress thus contributing to her friends “little black dress” collection and making her a star in their eyes). When it comes to your special day, being different, and yourself, makes the memories that much sweeter.

A Tip from Patrice:

2nd photoHow to be different?  Listen to all the advice from friends and family; search the internet for ideas; but in the end be true to yourself.  Always work with your surroundings, as in, use the décor that's naturally in place to enhance and not try to recreate a vision that doesn’t work with the setting.  Always remember that you and your intended are the focal point.  It's easy to lose sight of that.   

In many of our local settings, no flowers are needed, except for the bridesmaids bouquets and groomsmen’s boutonnières.  We are fortunate enough to live in an area where the natural beauty lends a hand and allows "less to be more". 

Keep in mind that the planning can last for six months to a year, but the wedding day is only 24 hours, so enjoy your journey!   Ta-ra. . .patrice

Patrice is a local wedding planner at Arranged by Patrice who has designed a product line WeddingIdeasNow.com based on the wedding planning experience.  Her number one goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere surrounding wedding planning so her couples can enjoy the magical time between their engagement and the wedding day.