Paso Robles: Perfect for Weddings and Wranglers

Beautiful Paso Robles wedding cake

You know you love Paso Robles: the wine, the food, the breathtaking scenery -- our little haven here on the Central Coast has it all.  And I know that the Paso Robles experience is never more enjoyable than when you're able to share it with your closest family and friends, which may explain why every year hundreds of happy brides and grooms choose to come to Paso Robles to celebrate their wedding, anniversary, or other special event.

Wedding planning is certainly no easy task - the multitudes of magazines, television shows, and businesses dedicated to ensuring the process is as memorable and enjoyable as possible clearly illustrates this point.  There are hundreds of decisions to be made: finding the perfect caterer, the perfect venue, and of course, finding the perfect dress (a daunting task in itself!).  Fortunately, the Paso Robles Wedding and Special Event Expo (happening this Sunday, March 7 at the Paso Robles Inn)  simplifies the matter considerably by bringing the best caterers, wedding planners, transportation companies, photographers, and other special event services to one location.  Best of all? The event is completely free!

So... maybe you don't have a wedding coming up.  Maybe you've beenPCCHA Derby Flyer happily married (or don't plan to be)  for many years.  Maybe your ultimate idea of romance is slipping into your boots, climbing into a saddle, and reveling in the unbreakable bonds of trust forged between a cutting horse and its rider.

If the latter is the case, then you probably know Paso Robles more as a haven for roping and cutting horse events in addition to its world-class wines and wineries.  This may be wine country, but Paso Robles certainly hasn't lost touch with its Western roots.  This week, the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association will kick off its PCCHA Derby, held at the Paso Robles Event Center.  This event will feature six full days of thrilling cutting horse competitions, vendor booths, and more!

As a lifelong horse lover, and a former Quarter Horse rider (most cutting horses tend to be Quarter Horses), I'm thrilled to live in such a horse-crazy community.  The connection formed between these highly-skilled horses and their equally talented riders is something incredible to behold.  That's what Paso Robles and its community is about - forging connections and making memories that will last a lifetime.  Even if you aren't planning to have your wedding here, Paso Robles is filled with people living out their dreams and working hard to ensure that no matter when you decide to visit, each day you spend here will undoubtedly be a special one.