Paso Robles Garagiste Festival: Part 2

Barrelsby Matt Browne of Hoot 'n Annie

November marked the 2nd annual Paso Robles Garagiste Festival. If you haven’t heard of it, let me explain.

This event has quickly turned in to a highly talked about and highly publicized event that promotes and highlights small lot wine makers. Most of these wineries do not have a tasting room and they are producing under 1,200 cases per year.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you have access to 48 wineries that you would typically not have access to and they are all under one roof. I will get back to Garagiste shortly, I need to tell you about this roof they are all under…Windfall Farms! This is one of the most beautiful sites in the Paso Robles area and has become a premiere spot to hold events…if you’re into beautiful rolling hills, horses meandering in their pens, and a rather unique place to host an event.

Now back to Garagiste.

We attended last year and were completely blown away by the wineries in attendance, the sponsors PG2011Sunsetthat jumped on board, and how the event was laid out in this “horse barn”. This year was no exception…a flawless event. We tasted wines from Liquid Farm, Le Deux Chats, Alta Colina, Bon Niche, Ranchero Cellars, Center of Effort, Caliza, JK WineCo., Red Zeppelin, Rangeland, and several others. Heard of any of these? If you haven’t, it would not be surprising but this is the best thing about this event…being introduced to wineries like this and the people behind them. The stories are as good as the wines. These folks are true artisan winemakers that want to talk to you as you wander through this event.

The founders of Garagiste added more events to this year; starting Thursday evening with a multi-winemaker dinner featuring Chef Ludo Lefebvre, Friday evening with winemaker mixer called “Samples, Shiners, & Secrets”; Saturday is the grand tasting day as well as seminars and after party, and Sunday with a winemaker symposium entitled “Your First Vintage”.

Many of these side events are separate from the main tasting so when Garagiste 2013 rolls around be sure to check their website for additional information.

In the meantime be sure to browse their website for other information like the wineries that attended this year, the awesome sponsors, and their blog. I would be interested in hearing from you folks to see if any of the wineries listed on their website sound familiar to you…again, that’s the best thing about this event for the wine consumer, being exposed to such small wineries that you probably otherwise would not have access or exposure to.

A side note: thank you to all those people that helped put this event together, well done. This event defines what Paso Robles wine country is all about! Until next year…Cheers!!

 Matt is a 10-year Paso Robles area resident. He and his wife Annie  
love exploring the Central Coast looking for food, drinks, and  
adventure.  You can follow their adventures on their blog at HootnAnnie.

[...]We spend an enormous amount of time picking and choosing wines that best represent our region. We spend the entire year choosing our wines and select a representation of the diversity of the area three times per year.[...]
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I read about this festival first time and it is very interesting .
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