Olive Oil Immersion Class & Workshop On California’s Central Coast

Olive Oil 1Come immerse yourself in this unique olive oil workshop, the first of its kind on the Central Coast!  

When: Saturdays 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (see schedule below)
Where: Foxdale Farm & The Groves on 41 in Templeton
Cost: $139 includes lunch and beverages

Class size: Limit 20 persons

Visit the local olive press, learn the positive and negative attributes associated with extra virgin olive oil and taste olive oil like the experts. This hands-on workshop will delve into some of the basic varietals grown on the central coast, will explore pairings with different food items and even touch on blending oils to modify flavor profiles.

You'll learn how the olive harvest is brought in, the Foxdale Farmsstages of the milling process and how the final product is produced. Foxdale Farm is host to the newest mill on the coast, a state of the art four-ton per hour Pearilisi mill. The mill runs continuously through harvest season, but is open year round for special events and workshops.

Next stop will be down the highway a couple of miles to The Groves on 41, a working farm with newly planted Arbequina & Koroneiki varietals. Here you will enjoy an authentic California style BBQ lunch while you take in the bottling and storage operations on the farm. Your hosts will explain the methods and reasons behind their super high density planting and how it translates to a fresher harvest all the while observing sustainable farming practices and eyeing organic production down the road.

The Groves on 41Finish your session with a stroll through acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, or just enjoy a quiet glass of wine under the shade of one of the old mulberry trees. You will be provided with all materials needed for the class. We ask you not to drink coffee after 8 AM for the tasting session. No perfumes, as aroma is important in this sensory evaluation.

BBQ lunch includes light refreshments and a choice of local wines. Please feel free to bring an additional bottle of wine to share with your party if you like.

The 2013 Saturday class schedule is:

    Feb. 16                      June 15                 Sept. 21

    March 16                    July 20                  Oct. 19

    May 18                        Aug. 17                 Nov. 23

Class sizes will be limited to 20 persons total. Reservations are a must!

Call: (805) 466-1542 or email karen.tallent@thegroveson41.com

(Available for private parties, too!)

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