Live Music in Paso Robles Wine Country

Concertsby Matt Browne

 As the wine industry has grown in Paso Robles there are some amazing side effects that come with that and we’ve seen the rise of some good ones. Two of those are food and art, which have been steadily growing in the Paso Robles and surrounding areas. Another one that is truly eclectic and downright noteworthy is the local music scene.

It is now quite common to find live music at any given winery, restaurant, festival, and at our downtown park for events and during Friday night Concerts in the Park through summer. It’s been impressive to watch and see the many different styles of music happening at all the beautiful venues we have available. One day you might be looking down from a hilltop winery listening to jazz while another night  you could be sitting amongst the vines with country tunes filling the air.


Some amazing Paso Robles music venues include Edward Sellers Winery, Cass Winery, Silver Horse Winery, Calcareous Winery, La Bellasera Hotel & Suites, Asuncion Ridge Tasting Room, D’Anbino Tasting Room, Vina Robles Winery, Villa Creek Restaurant, Pony Club at Hotel Cheval, Castoro Silver-Horse-WineryCellars, and so many more that they simply all can’t be listed. 

If you aren’t familiar with where to get the information on where music is playing you can check this website,, as well as individual winery websites to see what upcoming events they may have.

PaderewskiThis great local music scene also compliments the “out of town” music scene that comes through for different local gigs the biggest of which is the California Mid-State Fair that starts July 18th, but we also have world class events like the Paderewski Festival which again, truly offers such a variety.

Just as important are the venues where these amazing singers and musicians play, I strongly recommend getting out there and supporting them. Yet another reason why Paso Robles is paradise…great wine, great food, amazing scenery, fantastic people, and a truly talented group of local musicians.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes and get out there!!

Matt is a 10-year Paso Robles area resident. He and his wife Annie love exploring the Central Coast looking for food, drinks, and adventure.  You can follow their adventures on their blog at HootnAnnie.