Getting Ready to Rock at the California Mid-State Fair

So many concerts, so little time... This is the way many fairgoers feel during the California Mid-State Fair. But, how would you feel if you had to promote every single concert at the Fair? We wanted to find out, so we asked our good friend Tom Keffury who manages Marketing and Sponsorships for the Fair. Tom let us know what goes through his mind on an average day leading up to Fair Time.

6:00 A.M.

OK, we’ve got a big day ahead of us! Lots to finalize, I am feeling cautiously optimistic. First on the list: Coffee, email messages returned, text messages returned, all paperwork organized. Let’s do this!!

9:00 A.M.

I am already in fifth gear and a barrage of interruptions/questions/answers keep on coming (not feeling so optimistic) Interruption/Question/Answer: “I’m sorry, there are no more Eric Church tickets available”. Interruption/Question/Answer. Finally a moment to myself, “I don’t think it’s gonna be hot today.”...”OMG, what about the front gate signs?” Make a call to our sign master to have more informational signs made. Time for more coffee, and to respond to twenty-seven new emails, then reply to thirteen new text messages! Then time for a quick meeting with Fair CEO Mike Bradley. The voice in my head reappears: “OMG, what about the backstage tent?!”


I once again realize there is a need for more information signs, second call of the day made. More to-do’s and actions are soon upon me, a promotional meeting, a call from the CEO, getting potholes fixed, realizing we need more signs. I finally have another quick moment to myself and the voice reappears in my head: “The backstage tent is in the wrong place” and “OMG, they need WiFi where?” More interruptions, questions, and answers, “No, we do not accept Bitcoin.” then “I’m sorry, there are no more Luke Bryan tickets available.” This is the time of day when I start to feel the heat; I glance down at my phone to find forty-two new email messages, twenty new text messages, and a family phone call: “The dishwasher broke, THIS WEEK!!”, I exclaim.

3:00 P.M.

On the phone with my assistant, “no, you are not allowed to be sick this week!” The emails, calls, and questions are still incessant, “No, I don’t know if Demi Lovato is doing a meet and greet yet.” Question to myself, “Have I eaten lunch yet?” Then, with a glance at my phone: “OMG, why would the plumbing not be working in the office?”, “Wait, who was in charge of that?”, and finally “The reporter said what?” And of course, make another call to our sign master for more informational signs.

6:00 P.M.

One more time I answer the question, “I’m sorry, there are no more Luke Bryan tickets available.” It is the final leg of the day, emails, meetings, and the family wants to know who is making dinner, “Who me?” I sit down at my disorganized desk, papers everywhere, to answer the final emails and texts of the day. Taking a minute to reflect, I realize how lucky I am to do this hectic job...What a great time of year!

9:00 P.M.

It is dinner time and I am exhausted after a long day. I fall into bed for a nights rest, then all of a sudden the voice is back ”Did anyone make those signs!?!”