Fine Wine, Real Food, Craft Beer: 10th Annual Earth Day Food & Wine On April 23rd

The Earth Day Food & Wine event in Paso Robles, California delivers a top quality food and wine experience paired with a casual, low-key atmosphere, all while celebrating the passionate people behind a sustainable food movement. Nestled under the oaks at the Castoro Cellars meadow, top-quality food, paired with amazing beer, wine and the coolest vibe – this year is set to impress, and of course, give back. All that on April 23rd!

Wear your boots, wear your flip-flops. Come as you are, and get to know the committed, passionate people behind the food on your plate.

We believe that farmers are the center of an environmentally and socially conscious food culture.

For ten years Earth Day Food and Wine has set the bar for top quality food and wine experiences, with the added bonus of celebrating a sustainable food culture. From twenty-somethings to seventy-somethings, we’re proud to connect like-minded folks all for the greater good.

Borne from the desire to share sustainable wine and food with hungry eaters and caring connoisseurs, Earth Day Food and Wine has become the acclaimed culinary experience of the season. Forget the carrot sticks—our chefs, farmers and winemakers are serving up sustainable fare that dares to be delicious.

Join us as we revel in their contributions. You’ll meet the people behind the movement in a casual, inclusive atmosphere that’s all about indulging in the earth’s sustainable bounty.

Oh, and tell your friends on Facebook! It’s the people that make this event a smashing success.

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