Cheers! Join Us in Raising a Glass to Paso

We know it’s not polite to brag, but sometimes you just have to get out there to toot your own horn. These days, throughout Paso Robles, you are bound to run into winemakers, chefs, tour guides, distillers, hospitality providers and even a few Paso pups giving each other a knowing nod of approval or an outright celebratory high five. So, you ask, what’s all the excitement about?


Just recently, not one, not two, but three well-known authorities of travel were all in agreement: Paso Robles is the “must-see” place to be. Talk about a great way to kick-off 2018! 


If you’re like us, we know one of the first places you hit up when planning your next excursion is TripAdvisor. In today’s culture, peer recommendations are king and TripAdvisor knows how to bring the experiences of others to life in a digestible and helpful form through their platform. For this reason, we take a lot of pride in being recognized as one of their top Destinations on the Rise.


Then again, while TripAdvisor may think we are on the rise, it seems AAA’s Via blog thinks we’re already there. As 2017 came to a close, blogger Josh Sens pulled together an exclusive list of 8 Great Places to Visit in 2018. Perusing the list for a bit of inspiration we found ourselves amongst those recognized. Forbes also has their eye on Paso Robles! The Central Coast and Paso Robles were named one of the 33 Cheapest Places to Travel in 2018.


Finally, as we danced around in celebration of these three great accolades, it was as if National Geographic heard the joy from Paso Robles and wanted to join the festivities. Happiness planner and traveler, George Stone, surveyed locations across America looking at everything from healthy eating habits, to community engagement, to the satisfaction of inquisitive minds, to develop his list: These Are the Happiest Cities in the United States. Access to green space, destination bikeability and premier culinary experiences all fit the mold for what he found led to happy people.


With that, we ask you to grab a glass and join us in toasting, whether it be with your favorite Paso wine, beer, cider or spirits, to happiness found in future trips to Paso Robles. Truly, a great place to delight, indulge and enjoy.