Be a Winemaker for a Day in Paso Robles

Blendby Tina Swithin

The Art of Blending Wine Workshop allows you to become a winemaker for a day – no experience necessary!

First Crush blending workshops are a fun way to learn about the art of blending wine, sharpen your palate and gain a new understanding of why blending is an important process of making great wines. 

Sounds awesome, doesn't it?  It gets better!   You can't be a winemaker without tasting your "art".  You’ll get to taste some great Paso Robles wines and have the opportunity to purchase your custom blend made from 100% premium quality Paso Robles wine varietals. Want to create your very own label?  You can do that also! 

At the First Crush, you’ll begin by learning howLearn to evaluate a selection of three base wines for aromatics, flavor, texture and aging characteristics.  After learning the nuances of each wine, we’ll give you the tools that real winemakers use (graduated cylinders and Erlenmeyer flasks) and let you create several unique blends.  First Crush makes your custom winemaking experience simple and lots of fun! Your experience will also includes wine and cheese pairing because its sacrilegious to have wine without cheese (in my humble opinion). 

Psst- I've heard that they can also customize your experience by adding lunch or transportation. 

For more information or to book your private experience, call:  (877) 82-CRUSH (822-7874) or email them at 

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