Paso Inspired Gifts - Wine and Gifts Under $25

This is the kick-off for a series of blogs which will focus on local, Paso Robles gifts.  By following my little roadmap, you will not only be happy but you will make the ones on your holiday shopping list squeal with delight.  Think of yourself spreading holiday cheer everywhere you go and at the same time supporting locally owned, Paso Robles businesses.  Does life get any better than this?  I think not!     

Getting Around Paso Wine Country with The Wine Line

I was intrigued when I stumbled upon their brochure and was eager to see what sets them apart from the rest.  For a very reasonable price, they pick you up at your home in a very comfortable passenger van and your adventure begins.  There are a few different tours to choose from- Westside, Downtown or the East Side.  In total, there are sixty available wineries to choose from—not too shabby.  Even as ambitiou

Pairings in Paso: We Olive Olio Nuovo Turkey and Windward Pinot

I was so intrigued by the history of Olio Nuovo that I decided to dedicate this month’s Pairings in Paso to a Turkey

Getting Around Paso Wine Country: Cycling Concierge

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to John Kaiser, owner of Cycling Concierge about this exciting new business which is a welcome addition to Paso Robles Wine Country. 

John explained, “Paso Robles is the  ideal destination for people who want to do some cycling and partake in the local wine tasting experience.  The roads here are phenomenal and there are a vast number of routes to choose from”. 

Small, Undiscovered Wineries in Paso Robles

Italian varietal, Portuguese varietal, Zinfandel, Cabernet, or Bordeaux blend, try looking off the beaten path.