Artisan's Pumpkin Soup

by Tina Swithin

When planning a Thanksgiving menu for my family, it pays to have friends in high places. This holiday season, I’ve reached out to several of my favorite restaurants in Paso Robles and asked for their favorite seasonal recipes.  Last week, Chef Chris Kobayashi of Artisan in Paso Robles, shared his recipe for pumpkin soup and with everything at Artisan, it’s sure to be amazing!

New World Thanksgiving Dinner featuring Locally-Grown Honey

Paso Robles loves good food and all things farm-fresh; we are fortunate enough to have a local beekeeper with a chef's palate who has experimented successfully with infusing her honey with everything from vanilla beans and lavender to Thai chiles. Here is a suggested 3-course autumn dinner, courtesy of Martha Van Inwegen of TheraBee Honey, that would make a fantastic base for a new-world Thanskgiving meal.