Paso Robles

Top 10 Things That Happened in Paso Robles in 2012

There is always something going on in this town and 2012 offered some more-amazing-than-usual experiences and a couple of "firsts". Based on an unofficial poll, here are the  Top Ten coolest things that happened in the world of Paso Robles tourism in 2012:

Paso Robles - by Zane, 4th Grade, Manhattan Beach

We were recently contacted by Zane T. of Manhattan Beach who was preparing a report on Paso Robles for his 4th grade persuasive speech project. He needed to know the Top 10 things to do in Paso Robles. 

After doing deep tourism research and receiving suggestions from Mr. Berry's 4th Grade class at Kermit King Elementary, Zane's report scored an A! Here is the speech that did it (we believe that Zane has a brilliant future in tourism promotion):